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  1. Journey Into Sound - DJ Bryan Konrad
  2. Turned Up (Original Mix) - Vibe Killers
  3. You Little Beauty (Extended Mix) - FISHER (OZ)
  4. Every Weekend (Extended Mix) - GAWP
  5. Put Your Phone Down [Low] (Extended Mix) - Jack Back
  6. Shooter (Original Mix) - Sharapov, Mister Monj
  7. Ballers (Original Mix) - DJ S.K.T
  8. The Pipe (Original Mix) - Rebuke
  9. You Hear That (Original Mix) - David Tort, Markem
  10. Desire (Original Mix) - Antoine Clamaran, Agua Sin Gas
  11. Kengo (Original Mix) - Siege
  12. Something In Our Life (Original Mix) - Niki Darling, Maxinne
  13. Poison (Original Mix) - Wheats
  14. Qu'est Ce Qu'il Veut Lui?! (Original Mix) - Chicks Luv Us
  15. Like Whoa! (Extended Mix) - Lee Wells, Monoky
  16. Don't You Want (Extended Mix) - Cedric Gervais
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