Here is my mix from my mix show "Beat Konection" every Sunday & Wednesday at 9PM EST on Find my show schedule at:
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  1. Beat Konection - DJ Bryan Konrad
  2. Caught In Your Rhythm (Extended Mix) - GotSome, Clementine Douglas
  3. Girl (Extended Mix) - KC Lights
  4. Talkin' To You (Original Mix) - Luca Debonaire, Marc Rousso
  5. Fisherman (Club Mix) - The Cube Guys, StevAxel
  6. Don't You Want Me (Original Mix) - Block & Crown, Soulvation
  7. Stronger (Mat.Joe's Extended PRïMA Mix) - Boston Bun, Dombresky
  8. Self Control (Original Mix) - Manuel Grandi
  9. Yup (AmyElle Remix) - Fallon (UK)
  10. Disco Check (Extended Mix) - Jacq (UK)
  11. Party In The House (Original Mix) - Ivan Kay
  12. Respect (Marbella Original Mix) - Jerry Ropero, Charlie Roennez, Paper Head
  13. Coco Jambo (Club Mix) - Back & EM PI
  14. Honesty (Extended Mix) - Marc Volt
  15. Never Give Up! (Original Mix) - Robert Feelgood, Farshad Kay
  16. My Fire (Original Mix) - Crazibiza, 2Lovers
  17. Feel People Screamin' (Extended Mix) - Hyslop, Odyssey Inc.
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